Caregivers Deserve Wellness and Care TOO!

Who cares for the Caregiver? You Care for yourself to create a community of wellness - Our courses are resources!

Caregiving, in its essence is anything where your capacity for giving care is activated and utilized. You are here because you are a caregiver - one who utilizes their capacities to care for others. You step in to educate, nurture and empower those toward their own self-efficacy on a consistent basis. I am an educator, facilitator, coach, sister, mother and occupy many different spaces to assist others on a daily basis. If you are here then you have used these many hats in some way to feed others' mind, emotions and spirit. However, when we are in these roles we often forget that our own mind, spirit and emotions need attention too! No more forgetting! We caregivers are focusing on our well-being so that we can be a clear, rested, empowered vessel to circulate the caregiving we all need. These courses help you to do just that. Each course is laid out in a manner that is easy, has resources for further exploration and expansion and is accessible for a lifetime once purchased. Grab your seat and get engaged! Each class engages mindfulness and self-care activities and will engage your entire being.
This is Self-Care Joy!


Self-Care Plan

R. Davis

"I got some new insights about my experiences and learned some new ways to implement self-care in a deeper way."